What goes into your pet’s food?

The Association of American Feed Control (AAFCO), the authority concerned with determining what it is that goes in to your pet’s food has been said to include the annual gross of the nation’s euthanized pets. They have gone on record clearly indicating that, yes, in fact the USA’s annual yield of euthanized cats, dogs, guinea pigs, et cetera, go into the ‘meat and bone meal’ portion of the feed bag’s content listing.
“There’s really no way to tell what is inside the ingredients of pet food,” says Hershel Pendell, former president of the AAFCO. This happens because many of the controlling interests of the AAFCO are also ‘top dogs’ in various pet food companies. While including the nation’s former pets, the people who are responsible for constituting what goes in to pet chow see the animals to be just another source of cheap protein.
The more concerned of today’s pet owners are now apt to buy the more expensive available varieties of pet food. Pet food’s where the ingredients are fully listed and can be easily read. Better foods are now being fed to the pets of people whom actually care whether or not their deceased just prior former pet is a part of the chow’s makeup.


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