How Many Slaves Work For You?

Since product transparency is basically non existing it is very hard to know if the products you are buying and the brands you are trusting use slave labor at any time of the production of a certain item.

Again it is up to the consumer to ask questions, demand answers and to chose if they want to be a part of this. As long as there are customers and no demands for change, a profitable company will keep on doing what the consumer wants/buys.


How Many Slaves Work For You?


Youtube video clip:


Statistics from a U.S. government study are helping trace common consumer products back to slave-labour origins. Findings released in the 2011 report from the U.S. Department of Labour outline 71 countries involved in exploitative labour practices, spanning 130 product types. The National Post graphics department takes a look at this data and charts out what it means:




Slavery Footprint - how many slaves work for you


2 thoughts on “How Many Slaves Work For You?

  1. The governments of civilized nations should ban the import of good produced by slave and/or child labor. Not withstanding WTO rules which prohibit governments to do so.

  2. I think nobody wants to take responsibility (especially not governments against large corporations) and since everything goes via black markets and “brokers” which is hard to trace and has no transparency nobody can verify at what point or stage slave/child labor was involved. Look at the chocolate documentary, I believe “Lindt and Sprüngli” or “Nestle” was asked about the subject, they said they knew nothing and that they only get their raw products from “reputable” sources/brokers, they traced those “brokers” who said NO, and then they went and traced it to the farmers with hidden cameras and found (illegal child trafficked) children working there…. I would hope that “Fair Trade” labels are at least better products and can be found more and more…

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