Don’t Let Fast Food Companies BRAINWASH Our Kids!

This is an amazing TED talk! It all starts with education and if we want to educate our future generations to eat healthy and protect our environment and raise them compassionate, caring, healthy and happy, we need to end these evil marketing strategies from the fast food industry. Imagine the world we would live in if we had 2 billion dollars to show the truth and consequences on health, environment, human and animal rights to our children and teenagers.

Brilliant Video Watch Here:



3 thoughts on “Don’t Let Fast Food Companies BRAINWASH Our Kids!

  1. Advertising is everywhere and essential for a company, it comes in many shapes, forms, sizes and mediums and I believe strongly if the company has nothing to hide and what they are advertising is the truth and has integrity and they care for their customers, I have nothing against that, but it is unfortunately money that rules, and marketing only works if a person is exposed to it over and over again, and who has the money to do so extensively? Who can plaster their marketing and ads in every form and way all over the world? There is a good saying “Don’t eat/drink anything advertised on TV”. Maybe we should see advertising for the opposite, the more you see the same company advertising, the less you should buy it, and for all the ones that you come across by accident, do your research, ask questions, get to know the company, their values and customer service, and than make a decision that is truly up to you and not because subconsciously you have heard it on the radio, seen it on tv or movie theatre, walked and drove by their billboard advertisements, seen it at a game or were offered a coupon on the streets…..

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